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Curated Athleisure Wear, Fitness and Aerial Products, 

Designed and Hand selected by Fitness professionals 

and Leisure lovers.

Athluxe Collection

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Where Luxury and Style, meet Functional Comfort.

Athletic Collection

Curated Athletic Wear for Sport, Fitness and Leisure. Designed and Hand selected by Fitness professionals.

Athleisure Collection

Curated Leisure Wear for both Comfort and Style. Designed and Hand selected by Leisure lovers.

Fitness and Aerial Products

Curated Fitness Products and Aerial Fitness Apparatus, Designed and Hand selected by Fitness professionals.

Air Sofa
Air Sofa
Air Sofa
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UNFOLD Yoga Block
UNFOLD Yoga Block
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Being in the Fitness Industry, we at UNFOLD Lifestyle have experienced a need for specialised, better quality, more variety, functional, comfortable and affordable Athleisure Wear and Fitness Products to be made available locally. We are here to fill the gap! Who doesn't want to feel comfortable, look good (great), and get the job done, at a price that leaves no regret. Whether you're on the couch Netflixing, grinding for those next fitness goals, adventuring or just wanting to do You whilst looking fierce. We feel you, and we're here for it!  

Live Fitness. Love Leisure. Feel Fierce. Achieve More. Look Fabulous. Be Remarkable!

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Marisa Smuts


From Dancer, to Traveller, to Teacher, to Mother, to Instructor, to Studio Owner, to Business woman. With a long held passion for fitness, creative expression, self challenge, human connection, and all things Lifestyle. The Hustle of running a business is exciting, but not as much as sharing with you our UNFOLD Lifestyle products. Each item holds our passion. We hope you experience it too!